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Debit Alerts – New ShortCode as of October 1

If you use debit alerts, you can expect to get a text message soon telling you that the Shortcode 42265 will be replaced with Shortcode 58084. You will also receive a message telling you that the new Shortcode is active.

On October 1, 2016, the number for debit text alerts will change. The change will take place automatically and you don’t need to do a thing. If you regularly check your balance by texting BAL to 42265, you will use 58084 instead.

For registered cards, available commands will be:
B or Bal Balance – get your balance
C Command – get a list of all available text banking commands
H or Hist History – get your recent transactions, three at a time (Use M to get the next three)
He or Help Help – get help content for text banking
S or Stop Stop – de-activate mobile text services

If you would like more information about debit alerts, just give us a call at 815.562.5571. If you don’t currently use debit alerts, we can sign you up on the spot!