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Agricultural Loans

Farming truly is the backbone of this country and our community.  At First National, we’re proud to serve our local farmers with a full range of services designed to maximize your agricultural success.  Our ag lenders have grown up in the area and farming is at the core of our business.  We understand the special challenges that farmers face every year and we are here to help.

Production and Operating Lines of Credit

An operating loan or line of credit can be a simple necessity for a successful year and planning is an important part of that.  At First National, we offer more than just a loan.  We’ll sit down with you and review your needs, help you lay out your financial plan for the year and set up a process for keeping you on track.

Equipment Loans

The right equipment can make a big difference in the life of a farmer and an equipment loan at the right time can be a godsend.  When you’re ready to update your equipment, talk to us first.  We can get you set up ahead of time so that you can explore your alternatives with confidence.  Whether you’re purchasing at auction or from a dealer, find out what we can do to make the process easier – and more cost effective!

We offer both fixed and variable rate equipment loans with a variety of terms.

Livestock Loans

Livestock farming is a life all it’s own, unlike any other life.  We can help finance the purchase of livestock.

Ag Real Estate Loans

Local banks are in a unique spot to help with local real estate loans.  Since we have a long history in the area, we know the land and understand the benefits of land ownership.

Offering both fixed and variable rate long term farm real estate loans, we are an approved Farmer Mac lender.  Additional involvement with FSA, State of Illinois and Farmer Mac II programs allows us to compete with any other lender, even the government agencies, and to bring you a combination of the best rate AND the best service around.

Let us be your local lender. We’re not a bunch of suits looking to make the biggest profit off the hard work of our customers.  We have a long-range view, understand the seasonality of farming and can create the kind of partnership that can improve your farming success.   

At First National, we’re proud of the success of our local ag economy.  Our farmers demonstrate their dedication, resiliancy and intelligence year after year, in good times and in bad.  For more than 80 years, we’ve stood with you through those times and will continue to work for you on into the future.