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eStatements: the better way to get your account statement, for you and for the environment! Save time, save space, save money, save a tree!

What Are eStatements?

eStatements are online, electronic copies of your account statements that you can view, search, save and print! They’re:

  • Fast – eStatements are available online days sooner than paper statements arrive by mail.
  • Convenient – eStatements are archived for more than 18 months! No need to file away paper statements; we store them for you online.
  • Secure – Access your eStatements using a secure account login with First Online Internet Banking. To protect your security, eStatements are not sent by e-mail or by paper to an unsecure mailbox.
  • Environmentally friendly – eStatements save paper, ultimately saving trees!

Join the growing number of people who have already made the decision to save time, space, money and trees with eStatements. Enroll quickly and easily online today.

How to access eStatements

You will receive an e-mail each month to let you know that your eStatement is available. You may access your eStatements when you log in to your account with First Online Internet Banking. Then, choose “Statements” on the Account Overview screen. Next, you will be taken to a screen that allows you to choose which account statement to view.

  • eStatements are generally available within 48 hours after your statement date.
  • Using eStatements allows you to view your statement earlier than if you received a paper statement.

eStatement Archiving

As your statement archive builds, you will be able to access statements up to 18 months. You can always contact the bank to order a copy of a statement that is not available as an eStatement (fees may apply).

Saving and Printing eStatements

Your eStatement is available in the Adobe Acrobat format. You have the opportunity to view, zoom in, zoom out, search, save, or print any of your eStatements.

System Requirements

eStatements are available for all account holders. If you are already enrolled, enroll for eStatements by logging in to your account and choose “Statements” on the Account Overview screen. If you are not already enrolled in First Online Internet Banking, visit and choose “Sign-up” next to the First Online login box. eStatements supports Netscape 4.7 and higher and Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher. You will need the Adobe Acrobat plug-in to view your eStatements. Download it free from

Switching Statement Delivery Method

If you ever decide to switch from electronic statements back to paper statements, just log into your account using the First Online Internet. Go to “Statements” and choose “Change the statement delivery method” and change to “Paper.”